Cooperate with Barocco Nuts to promote Semitone Rouge1001

During 11/13-12/7, Semtione and Barocco will cooperate promotion in Shin-Guang San Yuen Department Store in Tainan, Taiwan. Barocco Nuts is a creative cultural business model company. The marketing team invited us to join them to promote products in this high season promotion.

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Semitone and Barocco Nuts cooperate the promotion in Shin-Guang San Yuen Dept.Store in Tainan Taiwan.  This time, we design the listening

area for consumers to experience the high quality of musice of rouge1001. Hope everyone likes the experiencing area at department store in

Tainan, Taiwan.  

For shopping our products, please go to :WHERE TO BUY and click which links you like to choose our Rouge1001.  Afterwards, we will have more

new creation to put in our official website or other shopping centers for you to choose.  According to the mission of Hearing of BLISS, we have

ambition to build up a brand of making good and high quality of musical products, thus, we can have the morale and motivation to do so many

things for perfecting rouge1001 and other types.