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All circles in Taiwan last year for the generosity of the Sichuan earthquake, a survey has shown Tsinghua University in Beijing,
Sichuan earthquake seven-six-zero one hundred million yuan donation, there are up more than 80% the proportion of the inflow
government's financial expertise

Households into "extra tax", causing people on the mainland highly questioned. Continental Civil Affairs admits public funds
donated to charity, but finally by the government to run the project, "This is a very realistic Institutional issues. "

"China Youth Daily" reported that Ministry of Civil Affairs Social Welfare and Charity Promotion Secretary WangZhenYao said the
donation included treasury management also has advantages, such as the audit has donated the use does not appear
misappropriation. Tens of thousands of mainland netizens strongly criticized these days for this, but many comments were
deleted immediately.

Continental explain the Government to implement a system

According to Associate Professor, Tsinghua University, Beijing NGO (NGO) Research Center tightness led the study did show that
the earthquake raised seven-six-zero one huge donation of one hundred million yuan, Which the government directly affected by
the donation account for fifty-eight%; donations flow into the country of the Red Cross and local private foundations accounted
thirty-one%, this was originally a local charity organization by using their own, the last still pay To government departments.

Even more outrageous is that some provinces, even donations to charity organizations donors have earmarked, or to forcibly
transferred to the Government's financial accounts by the government in accordance with the donor's wishes to use.
In addition, some provinces undertake the restoration and reconstruction tasks, supposedly by the provincial government finances
to pay, even more than half of the donations from the community.

This continent-wide disaster relief funds donated, only eleven percent of the small proportion of the flow of mainland China Red
Cross, China Charity Federation and sixteen full continental Private Foundation. The study also found that,
Even this, a lot of money eventually dominated by the local government.